Christine Goff

In February 1996, a drunk driver hit Christine Goff while she was eight weeks pregnant. Thirty-nine-year-old Christine was traveling on Interstate 35 when the driver T-boned her at a high speed, causing her Jeep to rotate 360 degrees. While she was fortunate to survive the crash, Christine suffered from a severe lower back injury.

Before coming to Texas Back Institute, Christine had to undergo two discectomy procedures and multiple injections. Despite the procedures, she continued to have back pain. Wanting to discover alternative treatments for her injury, Christine visited Texas Back Institute. After careful diagnosis, Christine underwent surgery for a Charité artificial disc replacement. Unlike her previous treatments, Christine began to feel more like herself within four weeks.

Today, Christine is still pain-free and says she feels as though her life is finally back to normal. She can now do everyday activities, such as regular exercise, that she could not do for the past 10 years because of her back pain.

Christine says the Texas Back Institute was “a life-changing experience. I would tell everyone about Texas Back Institute – because, thanks to them, I finally have no more pain.”