iew Texas Back Institute’s list of commonly asked questions and answers below. If you have any specific questions regarding your health or treatment options, contact Texas Back Institute and schedule an appointment.

What is artificial disc replacement?


rtificial disc replacement (ADR) is an innovative procedure for patients who suffer from disabling pain caused by disc degeneration or herniated discs in the low back or neck. The procedure provides pain relief while preserving motion. As spinal structures degenerate, they may cause pain, limiting function and decreasing quality of life. Total disc replacement (TDR, also called artificial disc) surgery is one of the latest advancements in spine surgery. Replacing the disc removes the cause of pain while preserving natural motion. This surgery is recommended only after extensive conservative therapies have failed to significantly provide pain relief.

Who qualifies for artificial disc replacement?


or the neck, you might qualify for an artificial disc replacement after suffering a herniated disc which has affected the nerve. For the lower back, you might qualify if you’ve been told you need a fusion due to severe pain which hasn’t responded to other treatments or as a result of recurrent pain from a previous disc surgery.

How long do the benefits from artificial disc replacement last?


isc replacement has been studied in laboratory settings for almost 40 years. At Texas Back Institute, we now have a 13-year track record for lumbar disc procedures and about eight years for cervical disc procedures. We have performed very few revision procedures on our own patients and most patients recover much better after an artificial disc replacement when compared to a fusion.

What is the recovery time from an artificial disc replacement procedure?


he first step to take is to see a reputable, board-certified, fellowship-trained spine surgeon who has proven results. You will most likely experience better results by choosing a surgeon who is affiliated with a team of qualified medical physicians, internists, physiatrists, pain specialists, exercise physiologists, and physical therapists who work together to get patients back to their routines. Seek the advice of a spine surgeon if back pain is getting worse over time, doesn’t feel better with rest and over-the-counter remedies, and/or involves neurological symptoms. Artificial disc replacement candidates typically suffer from back or neck pain caused by an accident that increases in intensity, continues more than four weeks, and causes weakness or numbness in extremities, among other related issues.

How is Texas Back Institute different from other spine care clinics in the area?


rom the beginning, our goal has been to become a center of excellence, integrating the best of science and education with the best business practices. We are one of the largest freestanding multidisciplinary academic spine centers in the world. Our doctors are involved in the latest technological advancements and medical breakthroughs, taking the lead and participating in numerous FDA trials, and training new spine surgeons through our fellowship program. But most importantly, we are dedicated to getting our patients back to life.

How can I make an appointment to see a Texas Back Institute physician?


f you’d like to schedule a new patient appointment, please call Texas Back Institute at 1.877.67.MY ADR (69237) or email tbischeduling@texasback.com. Our scheduling coordinator will match you and your specific need with the appropriate facility/physician. Once an appointment has been scheduled, you can print the new patient forms from our Web site or have them emailed to you.

What can I expect on my first appointment?


n the day of your appointment, you will need to arrive with the new patient forms completed, and any films and reports from previous doctors. A chart will then be created and you’ll meet with your new doctor. The Texas Back Institute physician will get your history, do the examination and review the prior x-rays and reports. It may be necessary to order new testing on this day or in the near future. Once all testing has been done and information has been gathered, the physician can then give a diagnosis and treatment options.

What types of medical specialists can I expect to see at Texas Back Institute?


he Texas Back Institute medical team comprises board-certified orthopedic spine surgeons, medical physicians, internists, physiatrists, pain specialists, exercise physiologists and a team of physical and occupational therapists who are dedicated to helping patients get back to life.

Is there a Texas Back Institute clinic location close to my home or office?


exas Back Institute has locations throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. To help make your trip to see a Texas Back Institute physician as convenient as possible, we have clinics in Plano, Denton, Fort Worth, Mansfield, Trophy Club, Rockwall, McKinney and Wichita Falls. When you call to schedule an appointment, we will match you and your specific need with the appropriate facility and physician.

What x-rays, MRIs, recent medical reports and/or other information do you need in order to make a proper determination as to the most likely procedure that is required?


t is important to bring all your most recent medical records, reports and diagnostic images with you to your appointment for the doctor to review.

Once the x-ray, MRI and other information is in your hands and you have agreed to do the surgery, what is the typical waiting period for scheduling surgery?


his depends on each patient and his or her availability. Once surgery is agreed upon, your patient care coordinator will start the process of working with your insurance company, setting up the appropriate test for surgery clearance and setting up your surgery date.