Kelli Cough

Walking around the neighborhood with her children, dancing, working out and sleeping without the use of pain pills are all things Kelli Cough is able to do today because of Dr. Renato Bosita and the staff at Texas Back Institute (TBI).

In February 2004, when Kelli was only 27, her life was turned upside down when she was involved in a major car accident. “I started having a lot of pain, stiffness, decreased movement of my neck and arms, and a lot of aching, which eventually led to numbness,” said Cough. Kelli received her first diagnosis in October 2004. She had cervical spondylosis without a myopathy disc at C6-C7, which was pinching the C7 spinal nerve.

To see the problem more closely, Kelli had x-rays taken and an MRI. She tried hot and cold compressions, physical therapy and took anti-inflammatory medication. She went to see an orthopedic surgeon, two pain management specialists and a neurologist. Then, Kelli went to Texas Back Institute where she saw Dr. Bosita. “The individual care and attention I received at TBI was the best part of my visit,” she said. “Dr. Bosita was the first doctor to actually sit down and talk to me like an equal, listen to my story, ask questions to get to know my history and to just be a friend.”

Kelli continued her physical therapy at Texas Back Institute, along with added shoulder injections and epidural steroid injections. When her pain was still not improving enough, surgery became the only alternative. In June 2007, at the age of 30, Kelli had the artificial disc replacement surgery. “I was afraid of going under general anesthesia and scared that I would feel worse after having the surgery,” she said.

Despite her fears, Kelli’s surgery went smoothly. Immediately following the surgery, however, recovery was very difficult, and she took pain medications to help “soften the blow.” Then, after two weeks, Kelli began to rapidly recover. She experienced a large increase in her movement, less pain and feeling better overall.

“I am so grateful to the entire staff at Texas Back Institute, especially Dr. Bosita,” she said. “He had the courage to perform an amazing surgery because he knew it would help improve the quality of my life. I thank him for giving me my life back.”