Marney Edwards

After suffering from back pain for 10 years, Marney Edwards cold-called the receptionist at Texas Back Institute in hopes of finding some answers. Previously, Marney visited four to five back specialists, underwent two back surgeries, and endured physical and chiropractic therapy, acupuncture and injections to control his pain. Despite all the treatments, he still had trouble playing with his young children and even brushing his teeth. As soon as Marney read about Texas Back Institute on the Internet and heard high praise for the Institute from a doctor in Austin, Texas, he knew it was time to make the call. Unlike Marney’s previous doctors, Dr. Blumenthal told Marney that fusing would not be

While he was “scared to death” about treating his degenerative disc disease and collapsing disc with another surgery, Marney realized that it would be the best option for his health after meeting with Dr. Blumenthal at Texas Back Institute.

the next step if the surgery were unsuccessful.

In December 2008, Marney underwent the operation to repair his collapsing disc. He was walking around the nurse’s station on the same day of his procedure with only some pain, and Marney now feels so fantastic that he wishes he had undergone the surgery five years earlier.

Marney says that Dr. Blumenthal and the other skilled professionals finally made sense of the rumors and misinformation about back pain, gave him the true story, and made his surgical experience the “easiest” and most “well done” he’s seen. Texas Back Institute gave Marney the “dramatic change” that has allowed him to play with his children, take up golf again and travel.