Mary Morse

From exploring the jungles of Nicaragua to climbing the Andes Mountains, Mary Morse has seen many places and things throughout her 57 years. She’s always loved to be adventurous, even after she underwent a spinal fusion in 1983 to treat back pain that she had experienced for most of her life. But when that fusion caused a disc in her back to suddenly rupture in 2002, it became increasingly harder and harder for her to maintain an active lifestyle. She reached her breaking point when she couldn’t keep up with her travel partner and aunt, who was in her 80s.

Mary initially chose to avoid surgery and take cortisone shots instead, but four months later there was still no progress in her health. Eventually, she could not even bend over to brush her teeth or catch herself before falling – let alone go on exotic vacations – because her lower back muscles were too weak. Mary knew it was time to take more serious measures to get back to the adventurous lifestyle she once had.

Mary didn’t want another fusion, so she conducted numerous consultations with back specialists to determine alternatives. After many doctors recommended Texas Back Institute, she discussed the Charité artificial disc procedure with orthopedic surgeon and spine specialist Dr. Rey Bosita and decided it was her best option.

Mary underwent surgery in January 2006 and was surprised by the immediate effects in comparison with the fusion procedure she underwent previously, which had taken a year to heal. Just two weeks after the disc replacement, Mary was again able to conduct her everyday activities, and after four weeks, she was living her life to the fullest. As an avid thrill seeker, Mary says she’s happy to experience her quality of life once again and plans to keep going well into the future – free of back pain. Her “normal” activities still include skydiving, kayaking and mountain climbing.

“I can now enjoy my favorite activities well into my 80s; I feel like I’m 20 again.”

Mary has already recommended Dr. Bosita and the staff of Texas Back Institute to all her friends who are experiencing back pain. In fact, Mary is so pleased with her treatment and recovery that she sent Dr. Bosita a collage of photos from her many expeditions, including a trek to the top of Machu Picchu.